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  • DPA 4017-B

    The DPA 4017 is a shotgun mic designed for a broad range of applications. This microphone is ideal for use with camera-systems, in fixed positions for broadcast / ENG / film booming and even studio recording environments. Our wide and versatile pencil mics series are legendary in the high-end recording and film production industry. Your choice of mic preamp plays a significant role in your sound. The MMP-B is a preamp with low cut and high-boost filters. This is my weapon of choice for natural sounding voice-over work or interviews on very challenging locations.

    €1465 VAT excluded

  • DPA 4018-C

    The DPA 4018 is a supercardioid mic, ideal for long-distance broadcast, ENG and film miking applications such as booming, dialogue, interviews and table or podium use. My choice of preamp would be the MMP-C which makes this microphone very compact and light. We have a wide range of accessories to hide this mic in a car for instance.

    €1340 VAT excluded

  • DPA 6060

    The latest DPA product is the 6060 lavalier. It’s just 3 mm in size and easy to hide, but packs the audio power of a larger mic. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in clarity, consistency and durability. The quality is just phenomenal. (Available in the colors white, black, brown and beige)

    €430 VAT excluded

  • MiniCmit

    Our most popular Schoeps microphones are the CMIT series, suitable for music recording as well as dialogue. The MiniCMIT is a shotgun microphone that offers the characteristics of a CMIT 5 in a more compact form. Only 155mm and weighs 78gr which makes it very useful for those long booming days.

    €1564,65 VAT excluded

    Cmit series
  • CMIT 5U

    The CMIT 5U has set a new standard for shotgun microphones since its release.

    €1840 VAT excluded

    Cmit series
  • SuperCMIT 2U

    This is a digital microphone (AES42 standard). Its directivity goes well beyond that of conventional shotguns, even those with long interference tubes. It offers completely new possibilities for a sound engineer.

    €3152 VAT excluded

    Cmit series
  • eSmart BG-DU

    Universal power distributor with fuel gauge

    129 gr
    85x75x30 mm

    The powering box gives an accurate representation of the battery capacity in %, run time, battery voltage, power consumption and power - and coulomb counter. It has 8 outputs, 1 DC in and 3 locking switches. The eHRS4-OUT-4W cable is not included. (€45 for the cable VAT excluded)

    €290 VAT excluded

    eSmart BG-DU eSmart BG-DU
  • eSmart BG-DH-MKII

    Power adapter for eSmart lithium batteries with fuel gauge

    65x50x30 mm

    The advantage of this power box is that it's ready to go and takes up much less space. With 6 outputs and 2 locking switches, has the same reading as the BG-DU.

    €219 VAT excluded

    eSmart BG-DH-MKlleSmart BG-DH-MKll
  • eSmart dual-charger

    2 bay desktop smart battery simultaneous charger

    430 gr
    H: 36 mm
    L: 170mm
    W: 109 mm

    This charger can charge 2 smart batteries at the same time. The new version is lighter, smaller, smarter and above all much more silent.

    €299 VAT excluded

    eSmart dual-charger
  • eLC-SMB

    Li-Ion portable smart battery charger

    200 gr
    128 x 51,5 x 33 mm

    This portable charger is ideal for taking along on trips.

    €129 VAT excluded

  • eSmart mono-charger

    1 bay desktop smart battery quick charger

    233 gr
    36 x 89 x 109 mm

    This charger will charge your smart batteries in under 3 hours.

    €219 VAT excluded

  • eSmart Li-96neo (NEW!)

    14,4V 96Wh smart lithium battery with embedded OLED display

    450 gr
    H: 22,60 mm
    L: 150,4 mm
    W: 77,20 mm

    The difference with the 98Wh batteries is that they have an OLED display on which all information can be read. If the battery isn’t connected, you have to shake it to read the information.

    €139,90 VAT excluded

    eSmart Li-96neoeSmart Li-96neo
  • eSmart Li-48neo (NEW!)

    Voltage: 14,4 V


    €89,90 VAT excluded

    eSmart Li-48neo
  • eSmart Li-98Wh

    Voltage: 14,4 V

    450 gr
    H: 22,9mm
    L: 152,4mm
    W: 78,7mm

    €219 VAT excluded

    eSmart Li-98Wh
  • eSmart Li-49Wh

    Voltage: 14,4 V

    239 gr
    H: 22,9 mm
    L: 86,4 mm
    W: 78,7mm

    €139 VAT excluded

    eSmart Li-49Wh


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